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Hepatitis C Antibodies (ANTI-HCV)

Exposure prone procedure (EPP) health worker? Get clarity of your HCV status

  • 15 min
  • 50 British pounds
  • 305 Neasden Lane, London NW10 1QR, UK

Service Description

Biomarker: ANTI-HCV Sample: BLOOD Results: 2 HRS Phlebotomy fee: £10 ANTI-HCV test measures antibodies against the hepatitis C virus (HCV) in the bloodstream. Antibodies are proteins that the body's immune system produces in response to an infection. The test is performed to diagnose a current or past HCV infection and to screen individuals who may have been exposed to the virus. The ANTI-HCV test is important for several reasons: 1. Diagnosing Hepatitis C Infection: The presence of anti-HCV antibodies indicates exposure to the hepatitis C virus. However, it does not differentiate between a current or resolved infection. Further testing is necessary to confirm the presence of an active infection. 2. Screening at-risk individuals: The ANTI-HCV test is used to screen individuals who may be at higher risk of HCV infection, such as those with a history of injection drug use, healthcare workers exposed to blood, individuals with known or suspected exposure to HCV-positive blood, and those born to HCV-infected mothers. Health workers in UK who provide exposure prone procedures (EPP) must demonstrate negative ANTI-HCV. EPP health workers with positive ANTI-HVC may still be able to work work if they can show a negative HCV RNA (pcr test). 3. Monitoring treatment response: For individuals undergoing treatment for hepatitis C, the ANTI-HCV test may be used to monitor the effectiveness of antiviral therapy and determine if the treatment has successfully cleared the virus. Symptoms or complications associated with HCV infection can vary widely. Some individuals may experience no symptoms, while others may develop: -- chronic liver disease -- cirrhosis or hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC).

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  • 305 Neasden Lane, London NW10 1QR, UK

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