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Familial Mediterranean Fever (FMF-ALL)

Comprehensively identify genetic predisposition to FMF and seek timely medical intervention.

  • 15 min
  • 950 British pounds
  • 305 Neasden Lane, London NW10 1QR, UK

Service Description

This test uses Next Generation Sequencing to checks for ALL genetic inherited disorders that causes recurrent episodes of fever, inflammation, and pain in the abdomen, chest, and joints. The condition is most commonly seen in people of Mediterranean ancestry, including individuals from Armenia, Turkey, and other countries in the Middle East and North Africa. FMF is caused by mutations in the MEFV gene, which provides instructions for making a protein called pyrin. Pyrin is involved in the regulation of inflammation and the immune response, and mutations in the MEFV gene can disrupt this process, leading to episodes of inflammation and fever. The symptoms of FMF typically begin in childhood, although they can appear at any age. The most common symptoms include: -Recurrent fever, typically lasting 1-3 days -Abdominal pain and inflammation -Painful joints -Chest pain and inflammation -Skin rashes Episodes of FMF can be triggered by stress, infections, or other factors, and can vary in frequency and severity. Treatment for FMF typically involves medications that reduce inflammation and fever, such as colchicine. In some cases, other medications may also be used to manage symptoms and prevent complications. Genetic testing for FMF may be recommended for individuals with a personal or family history of the condition, or for individuals who are at increased risk due to their ethnic background. Sample: BLOOD Results: 3 WEEKS Phlebotomy fee: Included in price Code: E-G23-3WKS

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or schedule, please contact us 24 hours in advance

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  • 305 Neasden Lane, London NW10 1QR, UK

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